Monday, March 28, 2016

Virus: Worms

Worm, the creature that all of us are familiar of.  An animal that live inside soil they dig holes into soil and live in it most of the times they construct tunnels that can enter at one position an exit in another

what is the similarity of  this with Virus Worms, well it does the same, The virus worm as you know it dig a tunnel from your machine/Server to out side. so any one can come in to your machine/Server. Most of the times it is able to penetrate firewalls since connection is initiated inside your server and firewalls are allowing that, so some one can use the tunnel that the worm has made and do some damage to your system. or spy on your servers or your activities.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Trojan Horse Viirus and web development

Trojan, according to Greek methodology City of troy is attacked by Trojans because of a dispute over a women they fort for about 20 years but the walls of troy is impenetrable after 20 years Trojans device a plan they made a large wooden horse and put some of their finest worriers inside and send a message to troy, that they have given up the war, and as a gift of troys victory. they offer this horse and all went and hid them self. the people of troy came and see that no one is there and find the note and was very happy. they pull the horse inside the gates and begin to celebrate all men took wine and other alcohol and was drunk in the mid night

when they got drunk the worriers in side the horse come out and open the gate letting rest of them to come in and to finish the drunken worriers

so how this apply to the Trojan Horse Virus well it attack in slimier fashion, it will arrive to you as a gift and you will accept it since it is a gift and when opening it will attack your system. for an example you will receive a computer game or utility program which is very useful but underneath that there will be a virus that attack your computer setting or give control of your system to another user, so while you play the game or use the utility, it will damage your system or give control to another

so how this apply to web see most of the websites today are build by popular web developing softwere like joomla or wordpress with these you get the ability to attach plugins so you can give functionality to program or make it looks better, better yet most of them are free. so some one can write a plugging and embedded a Trojan inside. plugin is nice has lot of functionality so you are bound to use it, and when you dose it will give the developer of plugin, access to the server and make a security hole so he will be able to manipulate your system through access given by plugin he will be able to upload files like php scripts or run commands linux or windows on your server(if your operating system is one of them) even delete using del command DOS or rm in linux and you will never know what happen.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Enlightenment & Middle Path

Enlightenment & Middle Path All over the world the people think that good & evil are two separate things and been so good will drive the evil away, but as I began to realize things, I began to search myself what is good what is evil and what separates them. Long I search I realize that they are not two but two ends of an same entity, jest as string has two ends, they exist hand to hand with each other, make one end bigger and other will follow, and make one end shorter so as the other, so how do you get rid of the evil if the good and evil exist with side by side, I was searching for an answer for many years of my times. If they both are two ends of one string how are we going to lose one end each time I try to find out I could not get an answer, and suddenly it strikes me you can’t lose one end of a string without losing the other, that is to lose one end, you have to lose the whole string itself, in order to lose evil you have not only lose evil but good itself, such a person will be no good neither evil, and he will do no good no evil, he will act on no good nor evil, no good and no evil act on him. This realize me of one thing one thing that we all was thought from our child hood the teaching of lord Buddha himself the enlightenment & the Middle Path, which many try to find. Is this what he talk about what middle path is, it is not a path between middle of good and evil but a path with no good and no evil, And men who achieve it will see things as it is. He will see the continuation of life flow of nature and many things, more you hang on to one end the other will hang on to you. So giving up both of them will make you free of everything. Free to feel the world from all earthly things, things that the mere mortal will never understands, I wish I would know.