Monday, September 5, 2016

Professional Vs Academic Qualifications

Academic Qualifications

As it sounds it involve academic education you will learn theories and how they are implemented all the nuts and bolts of the thing all mathematical equations and hard science behind it. Go to in-depth of the things explain all details of how things are for example if you are following computer and need to learn in-depth of everything computer science is what you need it is an academic degree which will tell all the aspect of computer and mathematics behind it and  how they were implemented. It’s all theoretical base and you will learn all the theory around subject making your path to progress as computer scientist, Lecturer or Professor. 

Professional Qualifications

As it sounds professional qualification involve professions they teach someone to be good at some professions so it is more practical and less theoretical you will learn all the practical aspect of the subject in related to computers IT is a professional qualification you will learn how to configure stuff how to engineer software and all technical stuff related to doing a professional job output of these will be professionals in many fields software engineers, network engineers, database administrators, network administrators, etc… professional qualifications is more of practical base so if you have a degree with 4 years it is treated as 4 years’ experience on the field

Many course that offers by the universities are mostly academic like computer science, Accounting, Management, HR they cover all the theories less practical base and the courses like CIMA, Charted, CIM, IT are professional qualifications that trains you for the jobs of that field so the people who does a professional qualification know what they will face when doing a job since they had expose to problems before hand hence preforms well.

they are professional Qualifications so you can add them to your name like "your name" BSc in IT you can add "Your Name" CCNA, MCSD etc...

there are more professional qualifications coming out like CISCO Certifications, Microsoft Certifications, Sun Java Certifications all gives you a certificate that tells you are a professional at that field. Most of these are online and you have to score about 80% of the marks to pass. You are ether pass or failed that is ether you know it well or you don't so they will give you a certificate, if you pass telling you are a professional at that

Professional Certification Programs:
Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)
Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
CISCO Certification
ORCLE Certifications
JAVA SE Certification
NET+ Certification
A+ Certification
Red Hat Certfied Engineer(RHCE)