Friday, April 22, 2016

ASCII Fonts, how it's done?

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) what is it? Why we use it? Why every computer we buy has it? In English there are 26 letters in alphabet which can use to make many words. just like that computers work in binary so it has only two symbols and we can represent it with 1 and 0 and  every word of computer are made of it. So how can some machine using 1 and 0 can tell what is “A” and what is “B”. solution is the ASCII code see ascii table consist of 0 – 255 symbols each with 8 bit or a byte, denote a specific symbol in ascii code. so if we type 65(will be represented by binary in computer) and convert it to ascii symbol we get an “A” and as same as 97(will be represented by binary in computer) represent “a” in ascii. it is a mapping to code to a symbol so each code map to special symbol

To see how it work hold down the alt key and type the number in num pad and you will get symbols © for Alt + 0169  you can do it for all the symbols if you know the relevant code. they are inbuilt so we can type English and every computer can understand it. since it is a standard in every computer so if you have a text file which has “A” the file simply has number 65(in binary) in it and every computer has ascii table which know that 65 means symbol “A” so you take it to any computer and open it and you will see “A” a symbol which map to ascii table 65

So what is a ascii font how can we get a various styles of character? See a font file consist of a graphs of a characters, an image or drawing which is placed in one of 0 – 255 positions which resembles the ascii codes so symbol at 65 position is “A” so if you take a font file and change the symbol at position 65 to something else and type "A" you will not get “A” as symbol but the symbol you inset at the position 65, if your selected font is the one that you changed. So you can have Sinhala symbols at each of this positions in a font so if you type “a” it will be a Sinhala letter corresponding to position of ascii “a”  which is 97 so you can make 0-255 different symbols in a font file that will replace the originals to any language of your likeings not only that, symbols are jest images so you can have a image of a tree printed when you type “a”. computer does not understand it is "a" or tree it just print image corresponding to the ascii symbol that’s all

Friday, April 8, 2016

Software engineering as a carrier

Just because you own a degree or learn a programming language does not make you a programmer you need to be trained all the tips and tricks of making a software that is why most start their carrier as trainee software engineers just pass out form university and barley in the world of software you need to get help from your senior software engineer to go through your work you may make mistakes most of the time sometimes do things wrong way or in appropriate way since you have no knowledge of handling them. With experience you will gain new knowledge of how things are handle how to get by and eventually make yourself a professional software engineer

It take more than just writing a paper of java or PHP or doing assignment or practical test. You need to practice, practice, practice, it is the only way out, In you course you will get to know how to right syntax of programming language or how to debug it but it want teach you how to handle different scenarios of business logic, since you are writhing program to business it is vital that you know this or you will fail as a software engineer begin little get advice when needed. Only way to success is hard work and first thing to learning something begin by getting to know that you have little or no knowledge of it

Make most of your time, The ladder to success depend on how much you put effort to it. Creativity is most important so as logical thinking your ability to grasp ideas and implement them to software will be the key element of your success. More you practice more success you will be.

it took me years to understand the concepts and i'm still learning, got the chance to manage a small group of software team act as team leader to them some time analyzer and designer of the project helped them when they were in trouble most of them depends on me, some still is. even though I have achieve lot there are lot to learn

that was what change true explorer from rest, you explore your environment find  new tricks and easy ways of doing things more you learn more professional you get

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to face an Interview (software Engineering)

How to face an Interview (software Engineering)
  • ·         Be confident of what you say
  • ·         Always backup what you say with projects you done that will make them confident they will know that you are not boasting
  • ·         If you have not done any commercial projects do some project as you done it to a company and make a copy to a CD and present it to the interview board if they are interested they will look over it and evaluate your  software engineering skills
  • ·         Be hornets of what you say do not lie
  • ·         Be friendly
  • ·         You do not need to talk about what  you learn if the interviewers are professionals they already know what you learn at the university and what you don’t since they have met previous batches of your university
  • ·         Show them that you have a good capacity to handle large projects and complex logic
  • ·         Show them you understand the business concepts and you are able to implement them
  • ·         Most of the time the interviewer will ask to pick one of your project that you are confident on and ask to draw a ER, Class Diagram or Sequence Diagram and after completing he will ask questions  from the parts that is not clear to him or prats that he see as problematic so be prepared pick the system that you are comfortable most with
  • ·         Do not exaggerate things they will find out that you are lying
  • ·         If you do not know something they ask  tell them that you have no knowledge of it but you could easily learn it in 2-3 weeks be confident at what you say
  • ·         If you are in software development, ability to self-study and learn is a must. You should be able to google anything and should be able to lean anything as quickly as possible know that nobody knows everything and no university teach you everything your ability to learn new things will comes advantages when it comes to software development since industry is rapidly changing and you should be up to date
  • ·         It does not matter to them that you have 1st class, second class or general degree they want to know "can you do the job right?". That is the only thing matter so even if you do not have a degree and you show them your capacity they will hire you

Good Luck