Saturday, August 13, 2016

why two people get 2 results while preforming a task?

As humans we are not the same. we have our strength and weaknesses. my strength is different from you and your strength is different form mine. so we become two different entities not the same. Strength can be physical the ability to lift things, mental ability to grasp and understand things or social to ability to communicate with people and convince them or make them work for you. There are many strength people have and if I scale each of them as set of 1 to 100 they will fall in to all the range. some are naturally better at something’s while others are not. you may see marketing executives selling things they are not people with degrees but preform their task well. they are vary talkative and can sell anything to anyone. It is an ability a group of people possess. Ability’s like this cannot be learn at class rooms they are practical in nature and practice is the only way of getting perfect. so even you do your masters on marketing you may not be as good as them, if you does not possess the right abilities. It is the thing that makes who we are. what makes us unique. so if you give a same task to two individuals with same education background the way they perform the task will be defendant to each other even they are with same education background. one will do it better than the other. For some there will be no clue what so ever to some task, while others do it easily it is the abilities that make them do it. the one that has more suited abilities to do that task perform well while one that lac it do poorly

if you are a labor you will require more of physical strength but less mental strength since all your task belong to work with lifting things. If you are an engineer like software engineer you will require more of mental strength since task you handle is more of thinking and understanding whats going on, analyzing problems and also you must be a quick learner to learn new things which all comes under mental strength, if you are a marketing executive you need lot of social strength you should be able to convince people of products that you sell so they will buy it. if you are a manager you need lot of social strength since you need to make your employee do what you need and fair amount of mental strength since some of your task require thinking. analyzing situations and giving solutions.

That is why when selecting candidates for your company you do practical base analysis of their abilities to find out how well they will perform in their duties because education is not a measurement of performance it is rather a measurement of knowledge and knowledge alone cannot do tasks well.

so most of the time the person you recruit is not some one well educated, but some one possess right ability to that job. since you can easily give courses like CIMA or any marketing or engineering to a recruited person so they will be educated and will preform even better. but if recruited a person with just education an no talents you cannot teach that person talents and he will not preform well so most of the companies when they see a talented person they give him courses and educate him on that aria and give necessary promotions so that person will be an asset to the company. if you have done some sport like cricket or basket ball then you are a good team player. so you will know how to work within a team and not make problems with other team members. if you have win all island essay competitions you most likely are a creative person you have creativity. if you are an chess player and has win competitions you are statistic person who can think and most suitable for that tasks so they will choose you accordingly.

unfortunately the only organization that held back of this process is the government sector since they believe every person is equal and education makes them better so you only need bunch of paper qualification to their jobs just do your masters and PhDs and apply, you need not have any talents. they will recruit you and for work well since you are well educated they will buy what ever the lies you tell them.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

Giving the ability for computer to think is called AI, it is decision making based on data you have. If you have enough data you can tell a computer to make some decision as you would, it is allowing computer to think like a human or mimic how humans think.

The story goes way back when once in a meeting of experts one young man suggest what if we let computer’s think. everyone laugh at this idea of course, then the man explained what is thinking we try something out if it works we remember it and every time we see it happening we try that since it works and if we fails we do not try that any more

This concept let to the development of artificial intelligence software of course they are software that mimic or do the behavior like humans search through their database to see if any pattern fit in the scenario if it does it try it out if not it does not

Surprisingly the game you know well about "the chess", computer plays the same way, it knows all the rules and it plays with you like a noob and try to win. Every time it wins the moves are remembered and   next time it try to match that moves with you and try to find a wining position. When you do this or play chess with computer for lot of times it eventually will get better and beat you, and you will no longer will able to win.

AI in real world has taken many steps now facial recognition system, text to speech, and speech to text and there are many more. most of these system works on algorithm that given to them the use that to find out the task. there are other things like neural networks and genetic algorithm which you can train to do a task or set a goal and let the computer find a solution. neural network is model after neuron function of the brain. it makes artificial neurons and try to achieve a same functionality as them using some mathematical formulas so it will mimic the behavior of the brain but to complete  modeling a human brain is yet to be achieved since it takes lot of them and research current technology could not yet achieve it.

So that is how the AI was made, it learn by experience, it is mimicking the behavior of humans and try to do what is right?

Monday, August 1, 2016

My Fun Games

Some Games I have developed for your entertainment
My Pet Dragon

Simple AI
A simple AI try to query it with what,who, how many, can,do, like "what is cat", "how many legs cat has","can cat fly","who can fly","do cat eat". if you need to teach the AI some thing type learn and you will put it in learning mode and then type like "dog can run", or "birds can fly" teach it what ever and use it to query it, if you want to remove any thing from the knowledge base type "remove" and then type what you want to remove eg. "remove rat can fly" this program has ability to answer if it is in a chain that is if Mammal eat food you do not have to tell dog eat food you only have to tell it that dog is a mammal and it will search in chain and say since dog is a mammal and mammal eat food then dog eat food too
Dragon Hunt

Tank Battle

Logic Bench
a logic bench that you can build logic circuits just click on logic gate and then drag it to get your logic gate. right click the logic gate choose in for gate where the data will go in and select the gate that you need to connect to it and select out then choose connect 1 or connect 2 to connect it to one of the connections. and do this to all your gates and you will complete the logic circus.

Mighty Max

My Text
singhala typing software (singlish) install FM Abhay font to your machine. and then type.
Dos Is Fun
a programme that let you run dos command remotely set up your client and server when ask for firewall bypass say ok and you are set up to run dos command on your pc remotely