My Fun Games

Some Games I have developed for your entertainment. if the games does not work extract it using win RAR
My Pet Dragon

Simple AI
A simple AI tries to query it with what, who, how many, can, do, like "what is cat", "how many legs cat has", "can cat fly", "who can fly", "do cat eat". if you need to teach the AI something type learn and you will put it in learning mode and then type like "dog can run", or "birds can fly", teach it whatever and use it to query it, if you want to remove anything from the knowledge base type "remove" and then type what you want to remove eg. "remove rat can fly" this program has the ability to answer if it is in a chain that is if Mammal eats food you do not have to tell dog eat food you only have to tell it that dog is a mammal and it will search in chain and say since dog is a mammal and mammal eat food then dog eat food too
Dragon Hunt

Tank Battle

Logic Bench
a logic bench that you can build logic circuits just click on logic gate and then drag it to get your logic gate. right click the logic gate choose in for gate where the data will go in and select the gate that you need to connect to it and select out then choose connect 1 or connect 2 to connect it to one of the connections. and do this to all your gates and you will complete the logic circus.

Mighty Max

My Text
singhala typing software (singlish) install FM Abhay font to your machine. and then type.
Dos Is Fun
a programme that let you run dos command remotely set up your client and server when ask for firewall bypass say ok and you are set up to run dos command on your pc remotely

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